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About the developer Camrose London

Camrose London is a renowned construction company that combines years of experience in the real estate industry with an innovative approach to creating original, modern and thoughtful buildings. The developer builds comfortable and high-quality houses in which people want to live. The main engine of the company is the passion for what the team loves and curiosity. The Camrose London team strives to understand the local community’s needs as much as possible to create beautiful and inspiring living spaces that infuse the property with personality.

Each residential building is designed considering the needs of people who will purchase an apartment in it one day to provide them with a comfortable modern life. The company respects the identity and characteristics of the area where it is creating a new building. Then this respect is expressed in the uniqueness of each project.

Camrose London strives to add value to home comfort, which is why the company's designers and architects think through living spaces down to the smallest detail. The experts are creative, attentive and deliberate in their approach to solving problems in the planning of premises. The primary purpose of a developer's physical efforts is to evoke feelings in clients. The team set itself the task of being different from others, not for the sake of a statement, but because they sincerely believe in changing the mindset. For the company, the client is, first of all, a full-fledged partner in work.

Camrose London pays great attention to the high quality of its projects, not only ideological but also material. Therefore, first-class artisans are involved in each project who know how to get the maximum potential from a specific location.

How many new developments does Camrose London have for sale?

Camrose London has 4 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Camrose London have new homes?

Camrose London has new homes in London, Kent.

What are the prices of new homes by Camrose London?

For new homes by Camrose London the price starts from £285 000.