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Surrey new developments may sometimes be hard to find. However, with the aid of Korter, you can rest assured that you’ll find the best property tailored to your needs.

What do you need to know about new developments in Surrey?

While browsing through new developments in Surrey, it is important to consider their location, ownership type, and stage of construction.

  • Location: Surrey bursts at the seams with lush greenery. Moreover, it boasts more wooded areas than any other county in the United Kingdom. However, if you intend on relocating to the county, you will need to decide what is more appealing to you: ease of commuting and urban landscapes or a serene atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle. As is usually the case with the counties, the closer you are to London, the more cosmopolitan a town is.
  • Ownership type: House developments for sale in Surrey are offered in one of 2 ownership types: Freehold and Leasehold. Acquiring a freehold implies that the property utterly belongs to you while buying a leasehold comes with its restrictions. First, you own the property for a fixed period of time. Second, a leasehold only covers the property itself, meaning that there might be some additional fees such as ground rent.
  • Construction progress: While searching for new developments in Surrey, you might stumble upon an off-plan property, meaning that the building is still in the planning or construction stages. If you are not in a hurry to move into your new property, purchasing an off-plan property can be a good idea as it is usually much cheaper.

Why buy an apartments in new developments in Surrey?

People that are interested in buying an apartments in the new developments in Surrey usually value the county’s close proximity to London and an abundance of greenery.

Other perks of living in Surrey include:

  • Transport links: The railway services in the area are offered by South West Trains, Anglia Railways, and South Central in addition to the Thames Trains line that connects Reading to Gatwick. Car drivers are sure to appreciate the convenience of the M3, M25, and M23 running through the county, linking the area to London and the surrounding counties.
  • Stunning outdoors: Surrey is known for the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a nationally protected landscape that consists of open sandy heathland and beech woodlands. Nature lovers will be delighted to explore Box Hill, the oldest untouched wood in the United Kingdom and part of the Surrey Hills. The rest of the landscape is mostly presented by farmland with an array of fields and hedgerows.
  • Beautiful canals: Perhaps not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Surrey. However, the county’s canal system adds some charm to the area and complements the lush greenery. A nice trip along the river or canal is sure to lift your spirits and provide unforgettable memories.
  • Top schools: Surrey is home to some of the top schools in the United Kingdom, including independent institutions such as Charterhouse and Tormead as well as great state-funded options like Gordon's School and St John the Baptist School in Woking.

What are the most popular towns with new developments in Surrey?

When looking for new developments in Surrey, people usually opt for the county’s larger towns that are packed with numerous amenities.  

Some of the most in-demand areas include:

  1. Woking: Home to one of the busiest commuter stations in Surrey, Woking is particularly popular among daily commuters. It is possible to reach London Waterloo in just under 30 minutes. However, the town itself also provides plenty of career options in large companies such as McLaren, a motor racing team and a Formula One constructor.
  2. Ripley: The town offers a slower pace of life than Woking, making it perfect for those who are tired of big cities. A 40-minute drive away from London’s West End, Ripley has an award-winning farmers’ market that provides you with everything you need as well as an array of historic pubs with a unique atmosphere.
  3. Farnham: Another large town of Surrey, Farnham boasts a wide variety of period properties, including Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian buildings. One of the most notable landmarks of the area, Farnham Castle was built in the 12th century and has been transformed into a stunning venue available for private hire.

Where to find new developments in Surrey?

Korter is a perfect place to look for new developments in Surrey. The platform provides an array of convenient filters to help you sort through your search results. 

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