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About the developer Hackney Sales

Hackney Sales is a British home builder that builds over 3,000 new homes in over 30 locations throughout the capital. The developer has set itself an ambitious goal of rebuilding the city. Under such a program, more than half of new developments go to social rent and shared ownership. The construction company demolishes ageing municipal neighbourhoods that cannot be repaired. Instead of them, Hackney Sales builds modern and high-quality real estate that provides residents with the genuinely affordable homes they deserve.

The developer prides itself on its excellent customer service. The Hackney Sales team directs all of their many years of experience to help buyers as much as possible at every stage of purchasing the Hackney Sales new homes. After all, buying a house is always a complicated process that brings stress. The company strives to make this task easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Also, the housebuilder Hackney Sales does not just build new homes. The developer tries to be as involved as possible in the life of the districts and communities. The company strives to benefit local people by creating stunning green spaces, thriving places for local businesses and other essential infrastructure establishments.

How many new developments does Hackney Sales have for sale?

Hackney Sales has 11 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Hackney Sales have new homes?

Hackney Sales has new homes in London.

What are the prices of new homes by Hackney Sales?

For new homes by Hackney Sales the price starts from £485 000.