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About the developer Alchemi Group

Founded in 1999, Alchemi Group is currently a prominent company in the real estate market. The developer has received many awards in the field. The company is engaged in the acquisition of design, restoration and development sites in the best areas of London, leaving a lasting impression on all stakeholders. The portfolio includes both boutique residential buildings and modern multifunctional buildings.

The Alchemi Group's approach allows architectural and design ideas to work consistently and harmoniously. The developer creates timeless buildings that will last for many years. The company pays great attention to sustainability and preservation of the environment, offering unique and thoughtful high-quality designs. The Alchemi Group is based on a combination of concept, design and superior financial performance.

The company has a diverse team of professionals, each with years of experience in the real estate industry. The Alchemi Group strives to provide every new building with good financial returns as well as high aesthetics with economic value.

To date, the Alchemi Group has secured over £ 250 million in the capital, £ 450 million in leveraged finance, and manages a £ 1 billion portfolio in prime London locations. This proves the developer's stable financial position.

How many new developments does Alchemi Group have for sale?

Alchemi Group has 2 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Alchemi Group have new homes?

Alchemi Group has new homes in London.