Canary Wharf Group PLC

Canary Wharf Group PLC

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About the developer Canary Wharf Group PLC

Canary Wharf Group is a property development company responsible for the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. Headquartered in the bustling heart of London, the Group was founded in 1993 as Canary Wharf Limited. There are over 1,200 people employed in the company who work in one of the following subsidiaries: Canary Wharf Limited, Canary Wharf Contractors Limited, Canary Wharf Management Limited, and Level39 Limited.

The developer is widely recognised for its vast expertise in large-scale urban regeneration, proved by the impressive regeneration of 128 acres of the Docklands district in London, which has transformed it into a vibrant and flourishing environment. Canary Wharf Group has delivered 18 million square feet of outstanding office, retail, and leisure space, where around 120,000 people go to work every day. Moreover, the developer has ensured that there is an abundance of green and open spaces, where Londoners can find a sanctuary from the bustling streets. As for residential projects, Canary Wharf Group has over 1,000 build-to-rent apartments and more than 800 units for sale.

How many new developments does Canary Wharf Group PLC have for sale?

Canary Wharf Group PLC has 6 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Canary Wharf Group PLC have new homes?

Canary Wharf Group PLC has new homes in London.