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About the developer CIT Group

Founded in 1995, CIT has been actively investing private capital in real estate development for over 20 years. The company currently operates in the commercial and residential real estate sector in the UK and Europe. Before that, the developer also worked in New York and Hong Kong. The construction company always strives to replenish its portfolio with exciting and unusual projects.

CIT has its own development team, which is currently developing some of London's most exciting construction projects. The company strives to provide open access to securities in the capital because it believes that real estate is a local business. Therefore its experience in obtaining many approvals for the planning and implementing the most complex construction schemes in London makes CIT one of the best construction companies in the capital.

CIT investments are direct, and the company operates through fund structures. The developer cooperates with many reliable partners. The company currently manages assets worth over £ 2 billion, proving the developer's stable financial position. Thanks to its many years of experience, the developer has obtained approval to construct over 7 million square feet of new developments throughout London.

The secret of the construction company is the well-coordinated work of talented and dedicated people. CIT is always trying to expand the team by adding top-notch specialists to it. CIT knows how to unleash the potential of challenging locations that other developers would not dare to tackle. The company does this in a variety of ways, including a new or extended building permit, a change in use, a new building or a renovation project.

How many new developments does CIT Group have for sale?

CIT Group has 2 new developments for sale.

In which cities does CIT Group have new homes?

CIT Group has new homes in London.

What are the prices of new homes by CIT Group?

For new homes by CIT Group the price starts from £5 310 000.