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The 1840 St George's Gardens
from £‍685 / ft2
or £‍7 374 / m2
Completed in 2021, 2 quarter
London, 61 Glenburnie Road, Wandsworth, SW17 7DJ

About the Developer

City and Country has a strong desire and passion for the conservation, restoration and creation of new architectural landmarks in the UK. The company finds the best locations available, adds exceptional design and standardized construction to increase the value of particular sites. This creates living spaces that future generations will be proud of.

As a developer, City and Country can tackle even the most complex schemes, having won numerous industry awards as an expert in the conservation, restoration and transformation of historic buildings. And the combination with the sympathetic and complementary design of new properties around these essential heritage sites has made City and Country one of the world's leading real estate development companies.

City and Country boasts a passionate and experienced team that takes an entrepreneurial and design approach built on flexibility, common sense and value creation. The experts know how to see the possibilities of a place that are invisible to others. Also, the City and Country team pays a lot of attention to details.

The developer often works with historic buildings. The company's goal is to save this treasure for future generations by giving them new meaning and function. Also, City and Country is engaged in constructing new houses on the territory of historical and protected buildings or in specially protected areas. The team knows how to properly design and plan a new project without harming old objects.

It also called City and Country