City of Westminster

City of Westminster

from £‍862 / ft2
or £‍9 280 / m2

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The Masefield
from £‍862 / ft2
or £‍9 280 / m2
Completed in 2020, 3 quarter
London, 111a Shirland Road, W9 2EL
Carrick Yard
from £‍1 236 / ft2
or £‍13 309 / m2
Completion: 2022
London, Luton Street, NW8 8RT
Venice Court
from £‍970 / ft2
or £‍10 437 / m2
Completion: 2021, 3 quarter
London, Hall Place, W2 1NE

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Projects with sold apartments 2 objects

111-117 Marylebone High Street
Completed in 2020, 4 quarter
London, 111-117 Marylebone High Street , W1U 4RZ
Beachcroft House
Completed in 2020, 3 quarter
London, 111 Shirland Road, W9 2EL

About the Developer

Westminster City Council has launched one of the most ambitious housing programs planned in recent memory. Its essence is in the construction of modern houses that meet high-quality standards for everyone. The program provides for the creation of a wide variety of housing types, ranging from modern apartments for new buyers to larger homes for families. The facilities will be located in the central districts of the capital.

In addition to providing in-demand housing, income from new homes will be reinvested to finance the construction of new social and affordable homes, state-of-the-art public facilities and restoration of existing areas. Guided by its own development, City of Westminster will use the services of local businesses and suppliers, repurpose underutilized spaces. In addition, students and apprentices will be able to gain training and employment opportunities.

One of the City of Westminster flagships is Masefield, which is already up for sale and is a beacon of positive change in the area. The surplus income from these sales will go towards funding Beachcroft House, which is a specialized dementia care facility with 84 separate rooms, a shared living space, and a sensory garden.

The City of Westminster has other planned projects, including Parsons North, a modern collection of mixed-ownership apartments, Luton and Fisherton Street, an upcoming development of mixed-tenure homes and a new gym facility, and many others.