Property developers in Greater Manchester

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How many property developers are in Greater Manchester?

Steeped in history, Greater Manchester boasts a great variety of architectural styles. Although not as renowned as London, the city’s property market is booming, making the UK’s biggest property development companies turn their attention to its growing market. On Korter, you can now find {developersCount} property developers with {buildingsCount} developments in Greater Manchester that have decided to contribute to the city’s image.  

What do property developers do?

Property development companies are responsible for all activities involved in developing real estate, from conceiving ideas on paper to making them a reality. Their area of expertise can range from renovation projects to constructing new buildings from scratch. Apart from a wide array of activities involved in their work, such as site evaluation, design, planning, and construction, real estate developers must comply with the certified timeframes and abide by all building standards and requirements.  

How can I find a house builder in Greater Manchester?

If typing in ‘property developers near me’ in a search engine has left you empty-handed, you can try searching for a house builder on Korter. Here, you can find the best developers in Greater Manchester as well as some details about them, coupled with comprehensive lists of their projects. The portfolios let you form your own opinion on the developers and choose the one that’s right for you. If you don’t know where to begin, a good starting point would be to check the list of top house builders in Greater Manchester to see if there is a company that meets your requirements.

Top 10 House Builders in Greater Manchester

  • Bellway
  • Taylor Wimpey
  • Renaker
  • Redrow
  • Manchester Life
  • DeTrafford
  • Property Alliance Group
  • CERT Property
  • Bloor Homes
  • Gleeson Homes