New build houses in Greater Manchester

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Korter caters to a wide variety of tastes and preferences, succeeding in bringing together a comprehensive list of all types of accommodations located in Greater Manchester, ranging from luxury penthouses to authentic new build houses. 

Why do people choose new build houses in Greater Manchester?

Greater Manchester usually attracts those who prefer living in big cities that offer everything needed in day-to-day life but seek something a bit cheaper than real estate in London. The third biggest city in the United Kingdom seems appealing to people for a number of reasons, including:

  • Affordability: In the aftermath of the pandemic, the average price for real estate in Manchester is estimated at £217,831, which is actually below the UK average price. Taking into account the city’s well-developed infrastructure, it is more than worth it.
  • Transport links: To get around the city without any hassle, there is a well-developed Metrolink tram system. Moreover, you can cross the country by train from Piccadilly and Oxford Road stations. London is a bit more than a 2-hour trip away. In addition, Manchester Airport offers flights to a wide array of destinations, whether domestic or international.
  • Rental growth: Manchester boasts some of the highest rental yields in the United Kingdom, attracting numerous investors. Furthermore, rents in the city are expected to rise by 16.5% over the next few years.

What are the most popular boroughs with new houses for sale in Greater Manchester?

People that choose to live in new build houses usually prefer the quieter neighbourhoods of the city, sheltered from the hustle and bustle, although there are certainly those who don’t mind the buzzing streets of the megapolis. Among the most popular boroughs of Greater Manchester for purchasing new houses are:

  1. Wigan: Greater Manchester’s most northwestern borough is sprawled across 77 square miles that accommodate large industrial and commercial centres as well as a collection of suburban neighbourhoods and cosy rural communities, an ideal place for a white picket fence.
  2. The City of Manchester: As the buzzing heart of Greater Manchester, the City mostly offers premium townhouses. However, there is a chance to find a cosy Victorian house tucked away from the bustling streets. In the immediate proximity is a plethora of popular venues, art galleries, and retail facilities.
  3. Rochdale: Steeped in history, the borough is spread across a few towns and villages, known for their breathtaking scenery and impressive heritage. You can buy a small house in Wardle, set amidst the foothills of the South Pennines, or a period property located in the town of Rochdale.

What do you need to know before purchasing a house in Greater Manchester?

Purchasing a new house in Greater Manchester is slightly different from acquiring an apartment. The differences include:

  • Ownership type. New properties in Greater Manchester are available in one of the two ownership types: leasehold and freehold. Compared to the latter, the former doesn’t include the land on which the building stands. Generally, apartments are sold under a leasehold agreement, while houses come as freehold purchases.
  • Cost. Typically, apartment prices are lower than house prices. However, if you invest in a house, there’ll be a higher potential for capital growth that, in the end, will make it worthwhile.
  • Maintenance. Everything that happens to a house is the owner’s responsibility. Therefore, the owner decides whether or not to hire someone to do maintenance. However, an apartment building usually comes with its own maintenance team.

How to find new build houses in Greater Manchester?

Korter gives you access to detailed information on the new houses in Greater Manchester, allowing you to explore photos, location, and layouts, among many other things. The search filters will make your journey to find your perfect home an easy and quick one. 

Prices for cottage communities in Greater Manchester areas

Salfordfrom £‍274 / ft2
Buryfrom £‍251 / ft2
Boltonfrom £‍287 / ft2
Oldhamfrom £‍282 / ft2
Rochdalefrom £‍264 / ft2
Tamesidefrom £‍257 / ft2
Stockportfrom £‍397 / ft2
Wiganfrom £‍251 / ft2

Prices for cottage communities in other cities

Manchesterfrom £‍302 / ft2
Milton Keynesfrom £‍350 / ft2
Buckinghamshirefrom £‍400 / ft2
Hertfordshirefrom £‍493 / ft2
Berkshirefrom £‍430 / ft2
Londonfrom £‍642 / ft2
Essexfrom £‍361 / ft2
Surreyfrom £‍475 / ft2
Kentfrom £‍358 / ft2