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About the developer Renaker

Housebuilder Renaker was founded in 2006. The founders of the successful property development business came together to combine their unique skills and experience gained from decades of working in industry organizations. Renaker is currently one of the leading developers in the Northwest with a proven track record, thousands of satisfied clients and an impressive portfolio of over 2,900 house developments.

The company boasts a unique and fresh approach to work, acting honestly and openly. This gives a positive response from all stakeholders. Renaker strongly believes that for a business to succeed, it must be proactive and responsive to changes and innovations in the marketplace. Throughout its history, the company has held the position that nothing is impossible and creates incredible sustainable new developments and communities.

Renaker is committed to transforming the urban landscape, unleashing its potential and delivering quality designs. At the same time, sustainability is always a critical factor in constructing the Renaker new homes. The developer guarantees that all of its houses will serve for many years, meeting the needs of residents at the highest level.

How many new developments does Renaker have for sale?

Renaker has 5 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Renaker have new homes?

Renaker has new homes in Greater Manchester, Manchester.

What are the prices of new homes by Renaker?

For new homes by Renaker the price starts from £240 327.