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About the developer Finchatton

Established in 2001, Finchatton aims to create the most exceptional and unique buildings on the planet. The company has now been in existence for over 20 years and has a well-deserved place at the pinnacle of luxury real estate design, interior design and development. But the developer is not going to stop there, so Finchatton continues to push the boundaries of even greater excellence and innovation.

The company is distinguished by its brand name, which provides elegance and timeless style. With this, the developer inspires and excites many of the most demanding clients around the world. Finchatton is not just a name; it is a real journey filled with love, passion, attention to every detail and unique style and design.

Despite constant development, some Finchatton principles remain unchanged. This list includes outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous design, modern functionality, high-quality materials. In addition, the team consists of tireless enthusiasts with a high level of creativity and extensive work experience. They are professional architects and designers who work daily to create magnificent homes.

To date, following the vision of its founders, Andrew Dunn and Alex Michelin, the company has developed, managed and financed over 60 large-scale projects around the planet and completed over 75 private orders. The portfolio has a total value of over £ 2 billion. Finchatton's most recent memorable projects include notable buildings such as Twenty Grosvenor Square and The Whiteley. In 2019, Finchatton completed the first standalone Private Residences with Four Seasons, Twenty Grosvenor Square, Mayfair.

Finchatton consists of two separate divisions, including Finchatton Private, which takes over orders worldwide, and Finchatton Residences for development projects. This structure of the company allows the team to implement projects at the highest quality level.

How many new developments does Finchatton have for sale?

Finchatton has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Finchatton have new homes?

Finchatton has new homes in London.