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About the developer Knight Dragon

Knight Dragon is a property development company founded by Sammy Lee in 2012. Based in London, the developer thinks globally and acts locally to deliver outstanding landmark properties to the capital’s streets. Moreover, the company’s international team also has urban projects across Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the USA.

In addition, Knight Dragon is recognised for its regeneration schemes due to the amount of attention the team puts into them. Aware that regeneration touches more than just what meets the eye, the developer spends ample time on considering a wide array of aspects, ranging from the tangible to the non-material. Furthermore, Knight Dragon is responsible for one of Europe’s largest regeneration schemes, sprawled across 1 million square feet, – Greenwich Peninsula.

As for interiors, the company incorporates both contemporary trends and timeless principles to create strong designs that are sure to add value to any scheme. Knight Dragon boasts an in-house interior design team with extensive international experience and doesn’t shy away from calling in the world’s best interior designers to provide magnificent designs for its developments.

How many new developments does Knight Dragon have for sale?

Knight Dragon has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Knight Dragon have new homes?

Knight Dragon has new homes in London.