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About the developer London Green Ltd.

London Green is a real estate development company founded in 1998 with flexibility and collaboration. From the very beginning of its history, this reliable developer has set a record in the housing market. The company creates high-quality circuits throughout London as well as in the southeast of the country. The company specialises in areas such as residential LED mixed-use schemes, which are used for the construction of buildings for rent, as well as the conversion of commercial real estate into residential complexes.

The London Green team of professionals has all the necessary skills to effectively deal with emerging issues, from planning to design and construction. Professionals can quickly identify, exploit and realise opportunities. Also, London Green assumes the calculation of all possible risks to increase profits. The company's experts are well versed in complex sites and locations, where their knowledge and experience can significantly add value.

London Green's approach is based on flexibility and collaboration to deliver first-class quality to projects and buildings. The company works with many family offices and financial institutions that share the developer's approach and values. In this way, London Green manages to close profitable deals quickly, build many great homes every year, develop productively and add many fantastic projects to its portfolio.

The company's list of successful projects that many have heard of includes more than 500 housing units on in Fish Island, a massive mixed-use development at Albany Riverside, Brentford and the redevelopment of a former business park into 251 residential units in West Drayton.

London Green is always open to new opportunities and challenges. Thus, the company always manages to implement exciting and attractive projects.

How many new developments does London Green Ltd. have for sale?

London Green Ltd. has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does London Green Ltd. have new homes?

London Green Ltd. has new homes in London.