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Park Avenue
London, Westminster, Harrow Road

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The Brick
Completed in Q1 2020
London, 7d Woodfield Road, W9 2BA

About the developer Meadow Residential

A subsidiary of Meadow Partners, Meadow Residential is a modern residential developer. The company specializes in the acquisition, planning, and development of sites in London and the country's South East. Meadow Residential boasts a professional team of specialists with years of experience in the real estate market. Experts deserve trust because they managed to implement many successful projects. In addition, the wide range of different built developments ensures that the company is well-positioned to get the most out of new projects.

Meadow Residential has a substantial real estate advantage over the competition, with a strong network of valuable contacts and direct access to investment capital. As a result, the company quickly and efficiently concludes new deals due to the lack of need for additional external capital. One of the developer's main principles is building strong working relationships, which allow in the future to carry out repeat transactions in the long term. Thus, the company can work with first-class professionals with whom it is easy to find a common language to achieve excellent results effectively.

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Meadow Residential has new homes in London.