Newlon Living

Newlon Living

from £‍574 / ft2
or £‍6 175 / m2

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from £‍574 / ft2
or £‍6 175 / m2
Completed in 2019
London, Dunedin Road, E10 5NL
Hale Works
from £‍694 / ft2
or £‍7 471 / m2
Completion: 2021, 3 quarter
London, Ferry Lane, N17 9FE

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Millstream Tower
Completion: 2022, 2 quarter
London, Station Road, Tottenham, N17 9FD
Completion: 2021, 3 quarter
London, N17 9FD

Projects with sold apartments 2 objects

Explorers Wharf
Completion: 2021
London, 28 Thomas Road, E14 7UU
Completed in 2020, 4 quarter
London, Alma Road, EN3 4QD

About the Developer

Newlon Living is a division of Newlon Housing Trust, a London-based charitable not-for-profit housing association founded in 1968. Focused on providing affordable housing options, the company owns or manages about 8,000 homes throughout the capital with a plethora of projects in development stages as well.

The majority of the developer’s properties can be found in nine boroughs in north and east London. The company is committed to creating sustainable neighbourhoods and lasting partnerships that help Newlon provide new affordable homes of the best quality.

The company’s properties comprise an array of affordable tenures. Moreover, Newlon delivers homes for those who have been nominated from local authority waiting lists in addition to specialised accommodation for Key Workers and Shared Ownership homes.

As a charitable housing association that caters to the UK’s most diverse communities’ needs, the company ensures that there are equal opportunities for everyone. Newlon can set up a three-way conversation with a translator in case you are not comfortable communicating in English. Furthermore, the company has staff who can speak Turkish and Bengali. The information is also available in Braille and in audio format.