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About the developer Pocket Living

Housebuilder Pocket Living was founded in 2005. At that time, the founders of a homebuilding company had the idea to help millions of young middle-income Londoners buy their first home. After all, these young people do so much for the good of their city. So Pocket Living started making affordable Pocket homes exclusively for local starters. This allowed people with a low income to climb the property ladder and become the owner of a part of their beloved city. This idea worked perfectly, the company is still developing well and continues to provide housing for thousands of people.

Pocket houses are different from social housing. After all, these are private house developments that are wholly owned but at the same time available to buyers at a price at least 20% below market value. The company recently created an additional division, Pocket Edition. This division provides Pocket Living new homes that are available to everyone without restriction. They cater to the needs of people looking for an extra bedroom, a private garden or a terrace with more living space.

The hallmark of Pocket Living is the mandatory shared space, such as a rooftop garden or communal zones. This promotes the unity of the spirit. And before clients move into a new home, the home builder always hosts a welcome reception so neighbours can get to know each other.

How many new developments does Pocket Living have for sale?

Pocket Living has 7 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Pocket Living have new homes?

Pocket Living has new homes in London, Surrey.