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Populo Living

Active since 2014
from £‍493 / ft2

Property Developments by Populo Living in the UK  1 property for sale

Fireman's Reach
from £‍493 / ft2
Completed in Q4 2021
London, High Street South, East Ham, E6 6EN

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House developments in London

Sales are expected to start  4 properties

The Eves
Completed in Q1 2022
London, Manor Road, E15 3DQ
East Ham Town Hall Annexe
Completed in 2021
London, 330-354 Barking Road, E6 2RT
Plaistow Hub E13
Completed in Q1 2023
London, Plaistow, E13 0DN
Stracey Road
London, Forest Gate, E7 OHG

Developments with sold apartments  1 property

Chargeable Lane
London, Chargeable Lane, Plaistow, E13 8EZ

About the developer Populo Living

The history of Populo Living began in 2014. The company was initially called Red Door Ventures and was wholly owned by the Newham Council. The task was to build house developments for the rental market, making a profit for the Council. But in 2018, the role of the firm expanded. The new Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz commissioned the task of creating affordable new build homes in Newham, as there was an intense shortage of houses at the time. This became a severe impetus for the development of the development company. As a result, Populo Living now operates in 12 different locations and aims to build 1,000 new homes by spring 2022.

Despite the fact that most of the company's houses are new, the home builder is also helping to bring back forgotten buildings and areas that have not been cared for a long time. To this end, Populo Living has taken on the role of development manager for The Carpenters and continues to build older parcels throughout the area.

Populo Living meets and exceeds all green building standards. This means innovative construction, minimizing waste, noise, pollution and destruction. For residents, this means that Populo Living new homes require less energy to operate. And support from the Newham Council means the developer can build the future and provide stability. In addition to government funding, Populo Living gains access to council-owned land and property to be converted into the homes Newham needs.

How many new developments does Populo Living have for sale?

Populo Living has 1 new development for sale and 4 new developments coming soon.

In which cities does Populo Living have new homes?

Populo Living has new homes in London.

What are the prices of new homes by Populo Living?

For new homes by Populo Living the price per square foot starts from £493 and £5 304 per square meter.