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About the developer Regal London

Formed over 20 years ago, Regal London has grown from a two-person team to a large company of over 140 professionals who are committed to maintaining the flexibility required to create innovative and award-winning projects. The first Regal London building was constructed in Hampstead in 1999, and the developer has built more than 2,000 high-quality residential properties since then.

Currently, Regal London is one of London's leading mixed property developers. The company predominantly builds multifunctional residential complexes throughout London, from Kensington to Tower Hamlets and from Barnet to Shoreditch. Regal London focuses on constructing residential homes for sale, rental properties and mixed-use buildings such as hotels.

The company team is passionate about transforming a great metropolis through its developments. The experts find promising opportunities in the most unexpected places to create exceptional and sustainable results.

How many new developments does Regal London have for sale?

Regal London has 3 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Regal London have new homes?

Regal London has new homes in London, Surrey.