Retirement Homes in Greater Manchester

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What is a Retirement Home in Greater Manchester?

Retirement homes are apartment complexes or cottage settlements built for retirees. They offer additional services for a comfortable daily life. This list may include food assistance, assisted shopping, house cleaning, laundry, entertainment, medical assistance, and more. It is also common for these specialized accommodations in Greater Manchester to offer additional amenities such as wellness centres, gyms, swimming pools or communal gardens. You can lead an independent lifestyle from 55, 60, 70 years old in retirement homes. Developers offer a variety of retirement properties for sale in Greater Manchester to suit seniors' different tastes and needs.    

What are the different types of retirement properties in Greater Manchester?

There are several types of retirement housing you need to be aware of. 

  • Age-exclusive housing covers retirement homes intended for people aged 50-55. These types of retirement properties do not provide their residents with additional on-site assistance services. However, the complexes usually come with shared amenities such as a communal garden, shared living room, guest room and others. Also, the design of such houses is well-developed, taking into account the needs of the elderly.
  • Retirement Living complexes consist of individual apartments. Pensioners can always ask for help from the personnel, who are always on the territory of the complex. But these workers cannot perform medical procedures. Such complexes usually also include a restaurant, landscaped gardens, and other amenities.
  • Assisted Living resembles the Retirement Living type, but the staff provide a great degree of assistance and support in such retirement homes. In addition to the regular personnel, there are designated nurses. Such retirement complexes are under round-the-clock supervision and security. Seniors can take part in a variety of local activities.
  • Care Homes/Extra Care Housing includes accommodation and daily care for those who need it. Depending on the needs of the elderly, personnel can help them dress, eat, clean, or wash their clothes. Before moving into this kind of retirement home, retirees undergo care needs assessment.

What are the pros and cons of buying a retirement home in Greater Manchester?

Retirement real estate offers the opportunity to live with peers, with access to a variety of entertainment and quality care. But before looking for retirement homes in Greater Manchester, you need to familiarize yourself with all the pros and cons.

+ Health safety - High costs
+ Constant medical care - Isolation of older people 
+ Independent lifestyle - Undesirable atmosphere 
+ Wide range of extra facilities - Shortage of qualified personnel 
+ Daily schedule- Difficulties with resale 
+ Help with daily routine - Small residential space
+ Communication with like-minded people  
+ Living with your spouse 

Who is eligible for retirement homes in Greater Manchester?

Retirement real estate is built for pensioners and older people, and developers independently set age limits for future residents, for example, 55, 60 or 70 years old. Therefore, age is one of the main factors when choosing a retirement property for sale. It is also essential to find out if the additional services provided in the home can meet the retiree's needs.    

How to choose a retirement home in Greater Manchester?

Finding the perfect retirement home requires a bit of market research. First, you need to find a reliable property developer. To do this, learn about the company's experience, look at its portfolio, read customer reviews and more. Second, take a closer look at the developer's retirement property. Korter is a convenient platform for these purposes, offering information on prices, building status and floor plans. The website also includes images and detailed descriptions of residential houses. In addition, you can see the plan of the area and find out about the available infrastructure on Korter.

Tips for Finding a Retirement Property

To make it easier to find your future home, we have prepared some tips. After all, a large number of retirement homes for sale can be confusing.

  1. Ask an experienced realtor for help.
  2. Assess your financial capabilities.
  3. Make a list of wants and needs.
  4. Choose to rent or buy.
  5. Choose a smaller and more comfortable home.
  6. Visit selected retirement complexes.
  7. Choose a home in the countryside.

Popular locations for Retirement Homes

Prices for new buildings in Greater Manchester areas

Salfordfrom £‍333 / ft2
Buryfrom £‍356 / ft2
Oldhamfrom £‍220 / ft2
Rochdalefrom £‍233 / ft2
Traffordfrom £‍312 / ft2
Stockportfrom £‍301 / ft2

Prices for apartments in Greater Manchester areas

Salfordfrom £‍170 000
Buryfrom £‍304 000
Oldhamfrom £‍125 000
Rochdalefrom £‍250 000
Traffordfrom £‍179 000
Stockportfrom £‍139 250

Prices for new buildings in other cities

Manchesterfrom £‍366 / ft2
Milton Keynesfrom £‍349 / ft2
Buckinghamshirefrom £‍581 / ft2
Hertfordshirefrom £‍567 / ft2
Berkshirefrom £‍456 / ft2
Londonfrom £‍937 / ft2
Essexfrom £‍415 / ft2
Surreyfrom £‍612 / ft2
Kentfrom £‍407 / ft2

Prices for apartments in other cities

Manchesterfrom £‍160 000
Milton Keynesfrom £‍214 995
Buckinghamshirefrom £‍195 000
Hertfordshirefrom £‍250 000
Berkshirefrom £‍225 000
Londonfrom £‍192 000
Essexfrom £‍225 000
Surreyfrom £‍155 000
Kentfrom £‍168 000