Retirement Homes in Surrey

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What is a Retirement Home in Surrey?

Retirement homes are specialized types of housing designed for retirees or seniors. You can start living in such a house from 55, 60 or 70 years old. A distinctive feature of such complexes is the availability of additional services and constant assistance provided by staff. It can include cleaning the house, doing laundry, helping with dressing, and so on. Residents can also use other available amenities such as a fitness centre, library, garden, shared living room and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

What are the pros and cons of buying a retirement home in Surrey?

Retirement properties provide a great opportunity to live with like-minded people, a wide diversity of entertainment, and access to various types of assistance. However, it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages before buying one of the retirement homes in Surrey.

+ High level of health safety- Expensiveness of retirement properties
+ Excellent medical care- Feeling of desolation
+ Opportunities for independent life- Inconvenient atmosphere
+ Wide range of leisure options- Not enough number of personnel
+ Organized environment- Difficulties with resale
+ Help with daily routine- Limited residential area
+ Interaction with other retirees 
+ Continuation of life with your partner 

Who is eligible for retirement homes in Surrey?

If you wonder who can live in retirement houses, then it must be retirees or people who have reached a certain age, for example, 50, 60, 70 years old. The developer sets the age limit for his retirement property for sale. If you meet this criterion, you can consider the options in Surrey in more detail. It is essential to find out if the pension complex can fully meet your needs for care and assistance.    

How to choose a retirement home in Surrey?

Finding the perfect retirement home takes some effort. The first step is to collect information about the developer. The construction company must be reliable and have a positive reputation. You can find out by reading customer reviews, reviewing professional awards and examining the portfolio available. If you have already settled on several pension complexes, collect more details about them. Korter is a convenient platform for these purposes because the website contains up-to-date and detailed information about various residential complexes. Here you can find prices, floor plans, images and descriptions of developments in Surrey.

Tips for Finding a Retirement Property

In order not to get confused when choosing a pension property due to the large number of retirement homes for sale in Surrey, here are a few tips.

  1. Hire a professional realtor.
  2. Collect information about retirement properties.
  3. List the required services.
  4. Decide if you will buy or rent.
  5. Prefer small living spaces.
  6. Visit the options you like.
  7. Check out homes in the suburbs or countryside.

Popular locations for Retirement Homes


  • What age should you buy a retirement home?

Developers themselves set the age limit for their residential complexes. Usually, retirement homes are for people over 55.

  • Can I bring my pet with me?

Most houses for retirees are pet-friendly, but it is better to check this question with the developer in advance. Also, some residential complexes provide dog walking services.

  • Can I buy a 55+ home for my parents?

You can buy real estate for your parents, provided that one of the residents in the retirement home is over 55. For example, if your dad is 55+ and your mom is 50, she can live in the house with her husband as long as he does.

  • Can anyone live in a retirement property?

These houses are usually intended for people over 55 years old. Therefore, regardless of whether you are retired or still working, you can live in a retirement home as long as your age meets the requirement.

  • Can anyone buy a retirement property?

Everyone can buy a home in the retirement residential complex, but it is essential to meet specific age limits. Actually, retirement property is sold to people over 55 years old.

  • Are retirement properties a good idea?

A structured environment is one of the many overlooked benefits of living in a retirement home because people need quality care and support as they age, especially those who are mentally or physically challenged. A structured environment ensures quality and happy life. Therefore, retirement property is an excellent way to start living in a new way, freely and with the support of like-minded people.

  • Can I get a mortgage on a retirement property?

Potentially, you may purchase a retirement home with a mortgage. Despite the fact that many large mortgage companies refuse borrowers over a certain age or demand to pay off the loan when they reach a certain age, some mortgage brokers provide loans to people up to 90 years old.

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