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About the developer Rocket Properties

Since 2004, Rocket Properties has been working with clients and local communities. The developer's primary goal is to breathe new life and add a fresh look to the capital's districts. To this end, the company uses an innovative approach in the construction of commercial and residential complexes, taking into account the principles of sustainable development. A versatile professional with years of experience, Rocket Properties know how to meet the needs of their clients creatively. High-quality cooperation is one of the keys to success, so the company only seeks help from well-known architects, investors, designers and other partner agencies. The Rocket Properties team is constantly looking for exciting new opportunities to create remarkable properties for people. The company's experts have many years of experience and all the necessary skills and knowledge to embody the most unusual, innovative and original ideas in life.

Rocket Properties is a small, private team of real estate and development managers who constantly strive to provide their clients with impeccable service and help select housing. In addition, the company strives for independent collaboration with its partners, bringing the perfect combination of professional analysis and inexhaustible enthusiasm to every project.

How many new developments does Rocket Properties have for sale?

Rocket Properties has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Rocket Properties have new homes?

Rocket Properties has new homes in London.