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About the developer Aitch Group

Being a team of proud East Londoners, Aitch Group was founded in 1995 by Henry Smith Hackney. The company has over 23 years of construction experience. The developer creates commercial and residential properties and boasts a large assortment of high-quality projects focusing on design. At the current moment, Aitch Group has earned a reputation as one of the leading developers in the capital. Based on solid values, the construction company strives to maximize the potential of places, create thriving communities and ensure a fantastic future for future residents.

The Aitch Group does its job at the highest level with a team of the most outstanding talents in the industry. The company's management encourages an entrepreneurial culture and supports team development and innovation. Aitch Group experts work together throughout the entire development process of a new project, including acquisition, financing, planning, engineering, construction and marketing. As a reliable, flexible and focused developer, the Aitch Group creates modern and stylish buildings for living and working.

How many new developments does Aitch Group have for sale?

Aitch Group has 4 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Aitch Group have new homes?

Aitch Group has new homes in London, Essex.