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Antony & Roderick
Completed in Q1 2022
London, Raymouth Road, Bermondsey, SE16 2DJ

About the developer Apex Airspace

Formed in 2016, Apex Airspace are pioneers and award winners in the real estate industry. The team of professionals is genuinely passionate about what they do, namely how airspace development is helping solve the housing shortage in London. Innovation and passion are at the heart of Apex Airspace's approach. The company creates high-quality new homes for private and affordable use from unused airspace. To bring its projects to life, the company combines a comprehensive feasibility study and detailed design with the latest off-site technologies.

The Apex Airspace team is made up of top-notch real estate professionals who are creative and innovative when it comes to new developments. Expert skills and experience include development finance, acquisition, design and architecture. The team is also well versed in modular construction, marketing, sales and property management.

The founders of Apex Airspace were committed to making a real and tangible contribution to the landscape in and around London. They wanted to create new value for current and future locals while helping solve the UK housing shortage by building affordable homes. To achieve this, the company always puts people and their needs at the centre of a work that focuses primarily on what benefits buyers, those in need of housing, and other stakeholders. By taking this approach, Apex Airspace is able to quickly and efficiently create smart new homes.

In which cities does Apex Airspace have new homes?

Apex Airspace has new homes in London.