Argent Related

Argent Related

Active since 1981
from £‍700 / ft2
or £‍7 538 / m2

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1 Ashley Road
from £‍700 / ft2
or £‍7 538 / m2
Completion: 2022, 4 quarter
London, 1 Ashley Road, N17 9LP

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Develops projects only in London
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Brent Cross Town
Completion: 2030, 4 quarter
London, Claremont Road, Brent Cross, NW2

About the Developer

Argent is a property development company founded by Michael and Peter Freeman in 1981. In 2015, the company established a joint venture with Related, a US developer, to form Argent Related. At the moment, there are over 170 Argent employees.

The diverse portfolio of the company comprises some of the best mixed-use developments in the country, including major commercial, residential, education, community, and cultural developments, located in the United Kingdom’s biggest cities. Argent takes part in the full development process, ranging from identifying sites and creating designs to managing the construction process.

The company goes way beyond simple house building by creating an efficient infrastructure, stimulating economic growth, and enhancing social value. Argent’s approach includes physical, economic, environmental, and social development as the developer is determined in its belief that all those aspects are vital in creating places for people to live and work. The company aims to deliver all the necessary conditions for neighbourhoods to grow and flourish.