Artform Group

Artform Group

Active since 2013

Property Developments by Artform Group in the UK  2 properties for sale

Completed in Q4 2020
London, 291 Hackney Road, E2 8NH
Completed in Q4 2021
London, 1054 Harrow Road, NW10 5NL

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House developments in London

Sales are expected to start  3 properties

Completed in Q1 2022
London, 2 Buller Road, NW10 5BT
Garnham Street
Completed in Q1 2022
London, Garnham Close, Hackney, N16 7JA
Wilmer Place
Completed in Q1 2022
London, Stoke Newington, N16

Developments with sold apartments  1 property

Willett Grove
Completed in Q3 2020
London, 79 Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8HQ

About the developer Artform Group

ArtForm is a great property developer who creates inspiring spaces as the team harbours a passion for exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design. Quality and a love of innovation are at the heart of design ambitions. To find truly excellent and inspiring artisans and contractors, the company's specialists search for other countries. The people at ArtForm know how to find the best places for future homes in the most desirable locations by listening to the earth. The developer is engaged in both the renovation of old sites and the creation of entirely new houses. ArtForm strives to leave its mark on the skyline of Central London for many years to come by building balanced, beautiful buildings.

How many new developments does Artform Group have for sale?

Artform Group has 2 new developments for sale and 3 new developments coming soon.

In which cities does Artform Group have new homes?

Artform Group has new homes in London.