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About the developer City & Docklands

A successful construction company with years of experience, City & Docklands is dedicated to providing and managing residential and development investments in popular London neighbourhoods. The developer mainly works on the restoration sites. For this purpose, the housebuilder works closely with all project stakeholders to create innovative, high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly homes that meet all design and construction standards. Also, City & Docklands pay great attention to the high level of customer service and corporate social responsibility. The developer strives to create beautiful spaces for all residents. The company's rich experience includes over 17 successful projects, 2,654 homes and over 4,000 more homes managed by the company.

How many new developments does City & Docklands have for sale?

City & Docklands has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does City & Docklands have new homes?

City & Docklands has new homes in London.