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About the developer Coronado

Coronado is a modern construction company with a strong focus on design. As a trusted developer and investor in resident-led real estate, the company stands for design with innovation and the latest technology and knows the value of timeless quality. The Coronado team consists of experienced professionals who oversee the construction process from start to finish in the best areas of the capital, including the centre. The developer boasts a collection of the best interiors created in collaboration with private clients. The extraordinary vision and impeccable craftsmanship help create unique interiors for a variety of buildings throughout the UK and other countries.

The company takes an active part in all stages of the project, from searching and acquiring a land plot to marketing and sale. The team of experts perfectly feels the peculiarities of each development and adapts their approach to the individual building to unleash the place's potential. The result of the work is luxurious, unique homes built for true connoisseurs of high quality and craftsmanship. This is achieved through a flexible approach and a wealth of experience in creating timeless living spaces.

Coronado offers its customers ready-made solutions for different types of houses. These are modest but beautiful houses, practical buildings, modern objects with timeless designs.

How many new developments does Coronado have for sale?

Coronado has 2 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Coronado have new homes?

Coronado has new homes in London, Surrey.