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About the developer Goldenstone

Goldenstone was founded in 2014. Although the home builder is relatively new to the London property market, it boasts a tremendous collective experience as a team. The developer's impressive portfolio covers the downtown areas of the capital, the demanded inland areas, as well as some foreign countries. Goldenstone prides itself on its achievements in design, thought out to the smallest detail.

Housebuilder Goldenstone is often taking over challenging and complex development plots to transform them into gorgeous and coveted new homes. The developer will maximize the combined depth of experience and the opportunity for innovation to create exceptional and unique designs. Each stage of construction is strictly supervised by a team of professionals who are firmly committed to high quality.

The company's approach to work includes several components:

  • Design: The developer understands that modern trends come and go in stages and that intelligent and innovative design is timeless. Therefore, Goldenstone creates extraordinary living spaces, pushing boundaries and setting new standards.
  • Craftsmanship: Every project involves meticulous attention to detail, maximum use of space and adaptability to customer needs.
  • Cooperation: The developer works with professional architects and designers with unrivalled knowledge and experience.
  • Context: Goldenstone new homes always harmoniously fit into the surrounding urban landscape and complement it.
  • Community: The developer's developments benefit not only residents but also the surrounding community.

How many new developments does Goldenstone have for sale?

Goldenstone has 5 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Goldenstone have new homes?

Goldenstone has new homes in London.