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About the developer HUB Group

Established in 1995, HUB is an award-winning developer that offers thoughtfully designed new build homes with good transport links. The company's developments provide better lives, great designs, and great communities. During construction, the developer focuses on the needs of its customers and strives to create a good relationship with them.

HUB’s portfolio consists of more than 2,500 house developments, including both for sale and rent. The company also continues to develop actively, so many projects are under development.

HUB has built its own team and gained a good reputation for its new approach to real estate development. The idea is very simple, which makes it truly revolutionary. Before getting started, the developer asks what people in the home need, what they want, and how the company can create thriving integrated communities. The answer to this question is world-class homes of exceptional quality in stunning locations.

The home builder feels a responsibility to create well-thought-out projects that are people-centred in the first place. Therefore, the developer works closely with local authorities. HUB also communicates sincerely with its clients, and these conversations help create outstanding developments and new public spaces.

How many new developments does HUB Group have for sale?

HUB Group has 4 new developments for sale.

In which cities does HUB Group have new homes?

HUB Group has new homes in London, Surrey, Berkshire.