IPE Developments

IPE Developments

from £‍782 / ft2
or £‍8 415 / m2

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Cornerstone Apartments
from £‍782 / ft2
or £‍8 415 / m2
Completed in 2020, 3 quarter
London, Fairbridge Road, London N19
Kettle Yard
Completed in 2020, 3 quarter
London, 327-329 Morville Street, E3 2DZ
Picture House Apartments
Completed in 2020, 3 quarter
London, 245 Wood Street, E17 3NT
Radlett Mews
Completion: 2022, 1 quarter
London, Radlett Close, Forest Gate, E7 9JF

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Botanical Lofts
Completion: 2022, 4 quarter
London, 2 Jubilee Street, Stepney Green, E1 3HE

About the Developer

As the development part of the IPE Group, IPE Developments builds quality and sustainable residential developments in London and other UK cities. The office of the firm is located in the centre of London. This forward-thinking company is distinguished by smart investments and a wide range of possibilities.

The IPE Developments team consists of carefully selected professionals. Also, the developer works closely with professional consultants who help solve any planning and construction issues. The uniqueness of IPE Developments is its particular approach to work. The company's experts identify real estate objects and use all their experience to carefully study and recognise the essential features of points within the construction framework.