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Heckfield House
Completed in 2021, 1 quarter
London, Heckfield Place, SW6 5NL

About the developer LocatED

LocatED is a government-owned real estate development company that purchases and develops sites for new schools in England. As one of the largest land buyers in the UK, the developer has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with all the necessary skills and years of experience in the real estate industry. A distinguished board backs the team.

The construction company works directly with landowners, agents and developers at the national level. Individual acquisition budgets allow for purchasing locations that can provide 10,000 to 175,000 square feet of indoor space for new educational institutions. In addition, LocatED's internal experts provide strategic planning and advice to the Department of Education, school funds, local authorities and others. This way, the company supports the presentation of education in an efficient and usable area. The LocatED team takes pride in its role in creating newly established schools, with thousands of new school locations for future generations of children.

In which cities does LocatED have new homes?

LocatED has new homes in London.