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About the developer Londonewcastle

Londonewcastle, founded in 1995, has built a solid corporate culture over almost three decades and goes by the principle that success depends on each member of the team. Today, a group of dedicated, energetic professionals are united by a common goal and vision, a practical approach, and many years of experience, which guarantees an exceptional implementation of developments.

Londonewcastle creates designer developments in the capital. The uniqueness of this construction company lies in the ability to recognize fantastic opportunities in every project, regardless of its complexity. This builds on an unwavering commitment to the company's core values, as all team members understand that they are here to build high-quality mixed-use homes based on first-class design. The company also strives to provide an impeccable level of service, from the first meeting with the client to after-sales service. The main thing is that all stakeholders and clients benefit from what Londonewcastle specialists do.

Although the real estate situation in the UK capital has become increasingly complex over the past decade, Londonewcastle's strong beliefs ensure the company's stability, allowing it to embrace and drive change. At the moment, the developer owns a solid platform and an excellent portfolio of beautiful buildings. In addition, the company boasts successful partnerships between the public and private sectors.

How many new developments does Londonewcastle have for sale?

Londonewcastle has 4 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Londonewcastle have new homes?

Londonewcastle has new homes in London.