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About the developer Meritas Holdings

Meritas Holding consists of a number of companies focused on area regeneration by creating community-sympathetic and environment-friendly schemes. Established in 2007, the conglomerate is headquartered in Amwaj Islands, Bahrain, with offices in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and London, the United Kingdom. The majority of the Group’s ventures was founded in the last 15 years.

Meritas Holding aims to create projects that bring sound investments to the investor, meet the needs of the end-user, and boost the community. To achieve these goals, the Group operates in different business sectors, including real estate development, manufacturing, education, telecommunication, and even more. Meritas Holding is led and managed by prominent and successful Bahraini entrepreneurs that boast impressive expertise in the investments, property development, and finance markets.

The developer of all group’s properties is Meritas Real Estate. The company’s responsibilities include initiating and developing real estate projects. The team strives to create unique and efficient designs.

How many new developments does Meritas Holdings have for sale?

Meritas Holdings has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Meritas Holdings have new homes?

Meritas Holdings has new homes in London.