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Native Land

Active since 2003
from £‍3 376 / ft2
or £‍36 339 / m2

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Holland Park Villas
from £‍3 376 / ft2
or £‍36 339 / m2
Completed in 2020
London, 6 Campden Hill, W8 7AD

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Develops projects only in London
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Completed in 2021, 1 quarter
London, 25 Nutford Place, W1H 5YQ
Bankside Yards
London, Southwark

About the Developer

A privately-held investment and development company, Native Land has created some of London's most prominent residential and mixed-use buildings. This list includes such properties as Holland Park Villas, Burlington Gate, NEO Bankside, Cheyne Terrace, and 10 Montrose Place. The developer's future projects include Kilmuir House, Regent House, South Kensington Tube Station and the 1.4 square metres Sampson and Ludgate House site.

Founded in 2003, the company has built more than 550 private apartments, 185 private homes, 40,000 square feet of commercial space to date. In addition, Native Land has significantly improved and developed the public sphere of London and positively influenced the improvement of various communities. Native Land's project portfolio comprises approximately 823 residential units and over 300,000 square feet of commercial space in London and Edinburgh.

The company is managed by a team of experienced and respected real estate professionals who are responsible for the implementation of over £ 3 billion in development projects in the UK capital over the past 20 years. Native Land boasts a proven track record in identifying opportunities, leveraging expertise and industry relationships to protect locations and add value at every stage of development.

Many clients prefer using Native Land services. The company has partnerships with many of the UK's leading real estate development companies. As a dedicated partner, Native Land unlocks the potential of challenging locations, enhances the design, creating profitable, financially and commercially viable opportunities for new builds and remediation of unused sites. The company employees know London inside out and have acquired the necessary skills in the industry over the years.