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About the developer Plumlife Homes

Plumlife Homes was founded in 2005. It is a commercial home builder that is part of the Great Places Housing Group and is based in Didsbury, Manchester. It primarily builds homes in the Northwest and Yorkshire. The multi-award-winning teams specialize in helping novice buyers find affordable homeownership solutions, including options such as co-ownership, purchase assistance or direct selling. Plumlife Homes manages over 2,500 homes. Moreover, all house developments are leased and part-owned. The developer also provides high-quality facility management.

Plumlife Homes is proud of its philosophy, including pride in being a for-profit organization. The developer strives to be as efficient and effective as possible while remaining a leader in the housing industry. Plumlife Homes' vision is to create great homes that are sustainable in thriving and vibrant communities. Company values ​​include honesty and openness in communicating with customers, including providing all necessary accountability. The developer knows, respects and cares about its clients. Housebuilder Plumlife Homes also values ​​the efforts of its employees and is enthusiastic about creativity, change and innovation. The company promotes partnerships based on efficiency and value for money.

How many new developments does Plumlife Homes have for sale?

Plumlife Homes has 3 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Plumlife Homes have new homes?

Plumlife Homes has new homes in Greater Manchester.