Poplar Harca

Poplar Harca

Active since 2000

Property Developments by Poplar Harca in the UK  1 property for sale

Jolles House
Completed in Q1 2021
London, Bromley High Street, E3 3EH

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House developments in London

Sales are expected to start  8 properties

Bromley High Street
London, Bromley High Street
Aberfeldy Village
London, Aberfeldy Street
Devons Road Infills
London, Devons Road
Leaside Business Centre
London, Gillender Street
Chrisp Street Market
London, Chrisp Street Market
Stroudley Walk
London, Bromley-by-Bow
London, Teviot
Aberfeldy New Masterplan
London, Aberfeldy West

Developments with sold apartments  2 properties

Balfron Tower
Completed in 2019
London, St Leonards Road, E14 0QT
Emerald Gardens
London, Westferry Road, Island Gardens, E14 3AN

About the developer Poplar Harca

Poplar Harca is an award-winning association for the East London housing and restoration community that was formed in 2000. Today, the home builder owns and operates over 9,000 homes. The developer is also spearheading a £2.5 billion housing development program with partners, including new homes, education, healthcare, religious buildings, business and public spaces.

The developer's primary goal is to create opportunities to realize the potential of the community through exceptional house developments and thriving places, which are based on social justice.

The construction company invests approximately £4 million annually in community restoration. This money goes to help people work and study, create modern creative spaces for young people, health and wellness initiatives, events, networking and an accessible workspace. The housebuilder Poplar Harca boasts solid and enduring partnerships with like-minded people and organizations.

The Poplar Harca new homes meet all the required quality standards. The houses are distinguished by excellent design and architecture, as well as functional and comfortable layouts. These are cosy homes where you want to live happily ever after.

How many new developments does Poplar Harca have for sale?

Poplar Harca has 1 new development for sale and 8 new developments coming soon.

In which cities does Poplar Harca have new homes?

Poplar Harca has new homes in London.