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Thornsett Group

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About the developer Thornsett Group

Thornsett Group is a reliable family-owned company with many years of experience in the real estate industry. Since 1986, the company has added many quality and beautiful buildings to its portfolio. This wide range of real estate properties includes residential, commercial and public properties, ranging from shops and schools to offices and gyms.

All Thornsett Group team members are incredibly committed to the idea. From the very beginning of a new project, they pay a ton of attention to giving the property the maximum value. Specialists do not work selflessly; they are also always open to communication, fun and ease of work. Thornsett Group has extensive experience in project development at every stage, which is why, after all, the process goes through almost without interruptions and delays.

If we talk about the stages of work of the Thornsett Group, then it all starts with a thorough study of the future project and location, briefing architects, obtaining funding and planning permission. Even when the facility has already been built, the team continues to work, perform marketing, and rent and sell tasks. Thornsett Group clients appreciate the company, as they can always be sure of impeccable service and the high quality of real estate objects.

How many new developments does Thornsett Group have for sale?

Thornsett Group has 2 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Thornsett Group have new homes?

Thornsett Group has new homes in London.