Guinness Partnership

Guinness Partnership

from £‍599 / ft2
or £‍6 443 / m2

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Leaside Lock
from £‍599 / ft2
or £‍6 443 / m2
Completion: 2022, 2 quarter
London, Imperial Street, Bromley-by-Bow, E3 3DA

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Develops projects only in London
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Mansell Street Estate
Completion: 2024
London, Mansell Street, E1 8AB

About the Developer

Founded in 1890 as a charitable foundation, the Guinness Partnership is currently one of England's largest and oldest providers of affordable housing and care. The original goal was to help homeless people in London and Dublin. Then, the company expanded its borders to all parts of England. Now, the company manages over 66,000 homes with a historical value of £ 3.7 billion and provides services to over 140,000 clients.