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About the developer Helical

As one of the oldest property developers, Helical Bar and Engineering Company Limited was incorporated on July 3, 1919, to manufacture and sell reinforcing steel used in construction. This business lasted more than 65 years, but when financial difficulties arose after this  extended period, it was necessary to look for new opportunities. At that time, on August 21, 1984, Michael Slade was appointed to the Board of Directors with over 15 years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. After the steel rebar business was sold in 1986, Helical Bar became a development and investment company with Michael Slade as CEO. Nigel McNair Scott took over as CFO. The company is now striving to provide the best profitability in the market. It develops real estate objects, focusing on the needs and requirements of clients.

Helical's strategy is based on creating buildings for modern people who want to own an inspiring space with characteristic architectural details. These are carefully planned and designed buildings, equipped with the best amenities on the market, with high-quality management and flexible rental solutions. Through this philosophy, Helical maximises shareholder returns by increasing its creative asset management and capital gains.

The company is always striving for excellence and development. Therefore, it has received many awards in the industry during its existence, including BCO Awards, RIBA Awards, New London Awards, Brick Development Association, RICS Social Impact Awards, and more.

How many new developments does Helical have for sale?

Helical has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Helical have new homes?

Helical has new homes in London.