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About the developer Waterside Places

Founded in 2002, Waterside Places is a coastal renaissance company dedicated to building comfortable homes with brilliant functional designs and a forward-thinking approach to revitalising the cities where people want to live and develop. In addition, 50% of the company's profits are invested back in UK waterways to ensure that the canals and rivers are maintained and preserved for future generations. In this way, the developer helps to restore coastal waters throughout the country. Waterside Places spares no time and resources in protecting the character and uniqueness of the coastal areas. The result is developments and communities where people enjoy buying homes and living with inspiration.

When it comes to the design of Waterside Places buildings, each project represents an original environment where the company fosters the growth of a thriving coastal community. A team of professionals carefully studies the environment and plans how to harmoniously combine residential, commercial and mixed-use complexes, depending on the location. The buildings here have received numerous awards for being distinguished by referencing the history of each area. The Waterside Places professionals have years of experience and excellent skills to build new projects and restore existing buildings that enhance the surrounding waterways.

Every Waterside Places project starts with careful planning. The team builds and manages every stage. Thus, the developer guarantees that the buildings and places meet all the necessary environmental standards because environmental protection issues are always in the first place.

How many new developments does Waterside Places have for sale?

Waterside Places has 1 new development for sale.

In which cities does Waterside Places have new homes?

Waterside Places has new homes in London, Greater Manchester, Manchester.