Lovell Homes

Lovell Homes

from £‍484 / ft2
or £‍5 211 / m2

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Trinity Walk
from £‍484 / ft2
or £‍5 211 / m2
Completed in 2017
London, Woolwich New Road, SE18 6UU
Platting Village
Greater Manchester, 8 Naylor Street, Miles Platting, M40 7WE
Dover Court
Completed in 2021, 1 quarter
London, Balls Pond Road, N1 3HN

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Greater Manchester
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East Avenue
Completed in 2020
Greater Manchester, 41 Burman Street, M11 1EY, UK

About the Developer

Lovell Homes is a reliable property developer with over 50 years of experience. The company's specialists know that buying a new home is a sitand significant step, but at the same time, this step should be as enjoyable and straightforward as possible. During its existence, Lovell Homes has created over a thousand high-quality properties. The company's portfolio includes comfortable apartments, cosy townhouses and family houses with innovative designs. These are houses located all over the country where people want to live.

The Lovell Homes team prides itself on building homes that are much more than just brick and mortar. These are cosy homes and spaces that people want to call their own. That is why the company strives to create high-quality and affordable housing that meets all the needs of a modern person.