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About the developer Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis is one of the largest, most famous and reliable developers in the capital of the UK. The main goal of the home builder is to work with the community to create decent and affordable homes for low-income families. The company owns approximately 55,000 properties in London and another 9,000 homes in the counties in East Anglia.

History of Notting Hill Genesis

Notting Hill Genesis was founded in April 2018 through the merger of Notting Hill Housing (NHH) and the Genesis Housing Association. These two organizations have been involved in providing new build homes for more than half a century.

Notting Hill Housing was founded in 1963 by a group of residents interested in solving the housing problems of the capital. At that time, in order to find a place to live, private rent was the only option. But such housing was often very poor, unreliable, and expensive. The founder of the company, the Reverend Bruce Kenrick, moved to Notting Hill in the early 1960s. With the support of like-minded people, he founded a new type of voluntary housing association called the Notting Hill Housing Trust. Over the next decades, the association reached 1,000 house developments in 1975 and over 32,000 in 2018. In addition, Notting Hill Housing opened the country's first-ever fractional ownership scheme in 1980. And in 2009, housing associations such as Presentation, Croydon Peoples Housing and Pathway Housing Association became part of Notting Hill Housing.

A similar story can be found in the Genesis Housing Association, which grew out of church roots in west London. In 1965, the Paddington Churches Housing Association was formed. At the time, about 40,000 people lived in appalling conditions. There were only 6,000 houses for them, most of which did not have a bath or toilet. In 1966, the Paddington Churches Housing Association leased their first property developments to two families. The organization has continued to grow since then, and in 2011 merged with Springboard, Pathmeads and the Genesis Housing Group. By 2018, Genesis owned approximately 33,000 homes in London and the South East of the country.

In July 2017, Notting Hill Housing and the Genesis Housing Association announced their desire to unite as they had a lot of society, including history and social purpose. Thus, the housebuilder Notting Hill Genesis was born in April 2018.

Why Notting Hill Genesis?

The company is part of the large Notting Hill Housing holding, which means that all of the company's profits are reinvested in new developments for Londoners. In addition, Notting Hill Genesis is well versed in its industry and understands all the needs and requirements of people more than any other company. The team prides itself on offering its customers and partners reliability, knowledge and safety at all times. The broad social purpose of Notting Hill Genesis allows the developer to see the world in a different way than other real estate development companies.             

More about Notting Hill Genesis Developments

This company is primarily a landlord developer. This means that Notting Hill Genesis cares about long term cooperation, and the company is actively working on it. The developer believes that quality and care for purchase and life is just as important as quality and care for development. The developer is different from the very lucrative sector. Notting Hill Genesis builds homes that people love and creates communities where people want to stay and live happily. That is why the company cares about those with whom it cooperates, both clients and partners. The developer wants the Notting Hill Genesis new homes to be vibrant and thriving places to live and enjoy. Customer care defines the main principles of work, including selecting a team for the planning and construction of buildings. For this approach, Notting Hill Genesis is a reliable and respected quality home construction company that is known and loved throughout London.

How many new developments does Notting Hill Genesis have for sale?

Notting Hill Genesis has 21 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Notting Hill Genesis have new homes?

Notting Hill Genesis has new homes in London, Essex, Surrey.

What are the prices of new homes by Notting Hill Genesis?

For new homes by Notting Hill Genesis the price starts from £360 000.