New build houses in Kent

Kent new build houses on Korter

Kent is peppered with a wide array of accommodations, varying from modern apartments to new build houses. Korter provides you with a convenient platform to sort through the enormous list of Kent properties.

Why do people choose new build houses in Kent?

Kent is one of the most sought-after locations in the United Kingdom. The county succeeds in attracting an impressive variety of people, including nature lovers, commuters, and young families. Here are some things that make Kent an attractive location:

  • Scenery: Known as ‘the Garden of England’, Kent boasts picturesque countryside and breathtaking coastlines. Furthermore, the county is filled with historic architecture and charming landmarks, creating an idyllic place for new houses.
  • Transport links: Boasting excellent motorway connections, Kent provides a perfect opportunity to live in a charming house amidst picturesque countryside whilst also being able to daily commute to the City. In addition, there are the Eurostar terminals to the north and the port of Dover to the south.
  • Education: Since houses are usually bought by families, proximity to schools is a very important aspect of a new house. Kent is home to some of the best schools in the country, including Tonbridge School, Benenden School, and Invicta Grammar School, attracting many families to the area.

What are the most popular towns with new houses for sale in Kent?

The towns that have access to the coastlines pose a special interest to future buyers in addition to more cosmopolitan options that have better access to London. Some of the most in-demand locations include:

  • Canterbury: Arguably one the most popular areas in Kent, Canterbury is a market town that offers highly-rated educational institutions, cultural activities, and historic landmarks, enveloped by lush greenery.
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells: Steeped in history, the affluent town creates a more laid-back atmosphere. Nestled at the heart of the stunning High Weald Area, Royal Tunbridge Wells benefits from regular trains that go directly to central London, bringing you there in less than an hour.
  • Ashford: Perfect for daily commuters, Ashford is served by high-speed trains that allow you to reach London in 40 minutes. For those who seek some natural splendour, the Kent Downs present breathtaking sceneries, located close to the town.

What do you need to know before purchasing a house in Kent?

Kent might be a dream location for those who imagine a charming cottage, overlooking the sea and a vast canvas of green hills. However, there are things you need to be aware of before buying a house in Kent, such as:

  • Ownership type. Generally, all properties come in one of the two ownership types, either a leasehold or a freehold. Due to the nature of the properties, apartments are usually available through a leasehold agreement, while houses are typically sold under a freehold agreement. It is important to keep in mind that leaseholds do not cover the land on which the building stands as opposed to freeholds that let you own the land as well.
  • Cost. Mostly, the average apartment price for a square meter is lower than that of a house. However, in terms of capital growth, houses tend to surpass apartments, making them excellent investment opportunities.
  • Maintenance. When you buy a house, you have a certain freedom to do with it whatever pleases you, hiring a team to help you or doing it yourself. Meanwhile, the majority of apartment buildings have a designated maintenance team.

How to find new build houses in Kent?

Searching for new houses in Kent may be a tedious task. However, Korter has an excellent set of tools that help you sort through the vast information on new build houses in Kent, singling out the ones that meet your wants and needs, based on location, price, and other characteristics.

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