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About the developer Peabody Group

Peabody Group is genuinely the oldest home builder. The company's properties now form a regular part of the London skyline. The developer's portfolio includes more than 66,000 houses, making it one of the largest housing suppliers in the capital and the southeast. Peabody Group provides services to over 133,000 residents, 18,000 care and support clients, and the many communities it operates in.

History of Peabody Group

The housebuilder Peabody Group was founded in 1862 by the American philanthropist George Peabody. He was a social visionary whose vision of the world was ahead of many in that time. He lived at the same time with great people such as Shaftesbury, William Cobbett, Angela Burdett-Cutts and Charles Dickens. George Peabody took inspiration from the world around him. So, after seeing the dire consequences of the American Civil War, he founded a foundation to create a public education system in the southern states.

Arriving in London, George Peabody saw the terrible conditions in which the poor lived, so he also decided to help them by founding the Peabody Trust. The original donation was £150,000. The purpose of this fund was to improve the situation of the poor and needy who live in the large metropolis of London. The founder wanted comfort and happiness to be available to them as well. This vision has shaped the company's values, which was the first in Europe to create social property developments with the unheard of luxury of separate laundry facilities and playgrounds for children.

The first Peabody estate was opened in 1864 in Spitalfields. Shortly before he died in 1869, George Peabody increased his gift to £500,000. Since then, the company has employed more than 155,000 people who continue to preach the company's values, adapting their work to new realities and people's needs and creating new build homes.

George Peabody as the Founder of Peabody Group

The future founder of the company was born in 1795 in Massachusetts, USA. His family had eight children, so George dropped out of school at the age of 11 to work and help his family. He made money by importing and exporting wool, flax and haberdashery. Years later, he took up merchant banking.

George Peabody's first trip to Great Britain took place in 1827. And ten years later, he returned to London to settle here for the rest of his life. Seeing poverty every day, the philanthropist wanted to help the poor. And Lord Shaftesbury suggested that he could do it by supporting cheap house developments.

George Peabody was not only helping the poor in Britain. In America, he founded and supported many institutions. It is known that he donated more than $8 million to help the poor. And now, even though he passed away a long time ago, George Peabody continues to help people, thanks to his company.

Company's Mission

The company defines its mission as helping people make the most of their lives. Peabody Group targets the people who need help the most. The company works with people and communities to improve resilience and livelihoods. The developer builds and invests in unique new developments that people want to live in. The housing construction program stipulates that at least 3,300 houses will be leased annually. Peabody is reinvesting its profits to create affordable housing and to make the capital a city of new opportunities. These funds also support the public services provided by Peabody.

The company is committed to building reliable and beautiful Peabody Group new homes throughout London in the future, as it has been throughout Peabody's history. It is essential for the developer that these objects harmoniously complement the urban landscape of the capital. But in any case, no matter what project the company is working on, customers and their needs are always in the spotlight.

How many new developments does Peabody Group have for sale?

Peabody Group has 26 new developments for sale.

In which cities does Peabody Group have new homes?

Peabody Group has new homes in London, Essex, Surrey.

What are the prices of new homes by Peabody Group?

For new homes by Peabody Group the price starts from £225 000.